Veteran Hypnotist: Jonathan Irby

Thanks for checking me out.

I am a USN veteran and have university studies in Culinary Arts, Six Sigma and Lean, Computer Programming, as well as non university studies in Hypnotism at multiple locations, biblical studies and more!

Ive also been trained and worked with mechanics such as aviation FA-18E/F super hornets, radar and comm systems, downhole drilling equipment, Jaguar, Land Rover and Chevy automobiles as well as mechanic work on other various systems and devices.

I have 5 kids and am happily married to an amazing woman! I learned hypnotism as a way to help my wife with pain. My studies lead me to find that hypnotism has a great track record of resolving pain. I tried it, it worked and I was hooked!!! Many years later I now have skills in hypnotism that are beyond just simple pain relief.

I know how to utilize this skill to reduce swelling, remove pain, change behaviors, remove negative feelings and emotions, regression to cause and elimination of initial sensitizing event triggers, timeline work, stage hypnosis, increasing sensations of pleasure, restoring happiness, growing breasts larger, insomnia relief and removal, smoking, alcohol, weight loss, stress, allergy removal, anxiety and so much more!

Once the principals are learned and understood on a deeper level there seems to be a massive amount of things that can be done. My methods even include Mindscaping which is a process I learned from Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson. It allows me to work with problems without you having to talk about them so privacy is retained.

I love helping people of all walks and I would love to show you how simple, stress free, and amazing this methodology is to implement. You can be free of your problems and you can be free quickly no need to struggle for years!

Go back and schedule a call to talk to me about what I can do for you!

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